Broke Down? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

From tires to transmissions Ryan’s 24/7 Truck Repair is here to assist you. We offer a full shop, open parking lot, multiple mobile units available 24 hours a day, a large parts selection, and well-trained knowledgeable employees.


Our shop is conveniently located in St. Clair, Missouri off I-44 exit 239. We offer multiple bays, a large inventory, and state of the art diagnostic equipment. Check out our Service Page for more information.

Road Service

Broke Down? No Problem! We will come to you! We provide 24 Hour Road Service, 365 days a year! We’re equipped to tackle even the toughest of repairs on location to save you money. We have multiple mobile units available.  

Towing And Recovery

We have multiple trucks available day or night to meet all your towing needs day or night. From a Fiat to a Freightliner we cover it all. Involved in an accident? No problem, we do that too! Call us today for a quote.

Tire Service

We offer a wide selection of tires, new, new recap, and used available. Bridgestone and Michelin National Accounts available. Call today for pricing.

our expertise

Fast & Reliable

Whether you own a private truck or a commercial semitruck, you can't afford to stay stranded on the road. Keep moving and avoid delays by trusting us for fast, emergency truck repair. Don't play the waiting game when you need tractor-trailer repair. If you own a fleet of big trucks and semis, then any delay has a negative effect on your business and your profits. Contact our team for dependable, affordable repairs at a moment's notice.

Honest Work

Ryan's 24/7 Truck Repair is looking out for you. We take the time to explain the diagnosis, get you an estimate, and answer any questions you might have prior to beginning work. We are always upfront and honest to our customers about the repair issues and the cost that comes with it. Don't be taken advantage of, call our family today for all your repair needs.

Fair Prices

We strive to bring you the best prices in the area. Our team is always looking for ways to save you money and still provide you quality work. Our main goal is to get you back on the road again as quickly and safely as possible without emptying your wallet. Call today for a quote!

Customers reviews

"We blew a trailer tire at exit 240 on I-44. We have a national tire account, but I always find the nearest tire repair myself, call, and check to see if they accept the national account. The gentleman at Ryan's that answered the phone said they did. So, I called the national tire and told them to send Ryan's. Even with a mix up with national tire, we were back on the road in a little over 1 hour. Now being a truck driver, our time is valuable and pressed. We are very mandated by laws. This is the fastest we've ever had a tire repair place show up and get us back on the road. The young man was very good at what he does, I'm sure an old timer showed him a trick or two 😉 Both gentlemen we dealt with were nice, professional and I would recommend them to any truck driver. Oh, and if you see a service man or broke down vehicle, for the love of God, move the hell over!! Thanks Ryan's 24/7 Truck Repair!!"
Josh & Bonnie
"This is a very honest and professional business. Trailer hub had been popped off, so the oil leaked all out and the spindle heated up. Called Ryan's. They came out, explained exactly what had happened and what the next step should be. I listened to them the whole way, and my truck was on the road the very next day. Had the chance to speak to both John and Melissa. Both honest and hard working. Keep up the great work."
- Iida Numanaj
"I had got red tagged about 9:00pm and Ryan came out and worked on my trailer until he discovered the problem, and then busted hump to get me rolling again. The price for his work was WAY cheaper than I expected for the great job he and Johnny did. I would highly recommend using their services if you need to get rolling. Great job guys and thanks again!!!"
- Jeremy Ponce
"Ryan’s 24/7 Truck Repair is very good place to get your truck fixed. They are very honest and upfront about what needs to be done. Their customer service is outstanding. I highly recommend everyone to get their truck done there. Thank you, Ryan’s 24/7 Truck Repair!"
- Darrell Applewhite
"Unexpected breakdown on I-44, 2 miles from this amazing place. From the first person we talked to on the phone to the last person we talked to before we left the experience was absolutely exceptional. The truck could not have picked a better place to breakdown! Every single person was genuine and everything was handled in a timely manner. John came and assessed the truck 10 minutes after our call and within 30 minutes the tow truck was there. Made it back to the shop and they had already ordered the parts and were on their way. They did not even wait for the parts before they started working on our truck. If you are anywhere near this place, go here!! You will not be disappointed and they will not charge an arm and a leg. We greatly appreciate what all of you did for us today! Thank You!"
- Lauren Hughes
"OK, where to start... First off, these guys are great... EVEN at 3am. The best prices and the best of all traits, FAMILY VALUES!!!!!!! I just found my new service shop... HONEST and hard working. We need more folks like this. Thank you for the GREAT work. Hasty Trucking."
- Stan Hasty
"My parents and two children were stuck on highway 44 with a blowout in our RV. We were on a very narrow shoulder with nowhere to go and cars flying by. It was very dangerous and scary. Ryan’s 24/7 Truck Repair came out when no one else would and changed our shredded tire. They risked their lives as they were in the line of traffic to get us off the road. We are forever grateful. After the tire was changed they waited to make sure we left safely, which was lucky for us because by then the RV battery was dead and needed a jump start. I never realized how dangerous being stranded on a busy highway could be. These people risk their lives, 200 workers die a year replacing tires on busy roads. Please get over to another lane when you see these workers or stranded vehicles. Thank you Ryan's 24/7 Truck Repair, they were also very friendly and funny!"
- Hammafield
"These guys were fast to come put a trailer tire on. Wasted 3 hours on the local guy and never called back. Ryan's got here to Pacific and put the tire on in 30 mins. Highly recommend them. Thank you for the fast response."
- John Vetter